markup and all CSS & JS files yourls_html_head(); // Display title echo "

YOURLS - Your Own URL Shortener

\n"; // Display left hand menu yourls_html_menu() ; // Part to be executed if FORM has been submitted if ( isset( $_REQUEST['url'] ) && $_REQUEST['url'] != 'http://' ) { // Display result message of short link creation if( isset( $message ) ) { echo "


"; } if( $status == 'success' ) { // Include the Copy box and the Quick Share box yourls_share_box( $url, $shorturl, $title, $text ); // Initialize clipboard -- requires js/share.js and js/jquery.zclip.min.js to be properly loaded in the echo "\n"; } // Part to be executed when no form has been submitted } else { $site = YOURLS_SITE; // Display the form echo <<Enter a new URL to shorten

HTML; } ?>


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